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Nov 14, 2018

Barney finds the soul but instead of making his life easier it suddenly gets harder. The soul, a PI named Agnes, is not the kind of person who comes quietly just 'cause someone says so. Siobhan gets audited by her boss, the Head Collector.



Alex Lawther as Barney, Olga Amelia Silkina as Agnes, Charlie Vero-Martin as Siobhan, Connor Jones as the Head Collector, and Patrik Karlson as Peter


Writer and Director: Hillevi Gustafson / Sound designer: Mathias Schlegel / Producer: Amanda Romare / First Assistant Director: Adina Romare / Production Assistant: Maja Lindberg


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The London Necropolis Railway is a part of, a project aimed at teenagers to tackle existential questions and promote mental health through fiction and other works. 

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